Why choose Bang & Olufsen

Founded in 1925 in Quistrup, Denmark - Bang & Olufsen A/S was the culmination of hard work and determination by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. Brilliant engineers with a passion for quality and design, the two friends and business partners slowly and steadily gained a reputation for producing the very best products money could buy.

This approach hasn't changed since then. Bang & Olufsen still strive to produce products that aren't made to a budget, but to a standard - one that surpasses that of any other company and makes ownership and use a true experience. Only the finest materials are used, only the finest manufacturing and finishing processes are used - and design still takes precedence. It's this combination of key attributes that has made Bang & Olufsen one of the worlds 'Superbrands' and a producer of truly iconic Audio Visual equipment.


Bang & Olufsen Televisions

Bang & Olufsen have been renowned for their excellence in television manufacture since their very first set - the aptly named “Television’ released to critical acclaim at the Forum, Denmark in 1950. The critics have never stopped lavishing praise on Bang & Olufsen though – with B&O producing not only beautifully performing Televisions but stunningly designed ones that look totally unique in the marketplace. There’s no mistaking a Bang & Olufsen Television – and owning one brings a new way to enjoy your favourite programmes and DVD Collection.

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Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Moving away from the nondescript wooden boxes most speaker manufacturers use today, Bang & Olufsen looked to the future as long ago as the mid 1980’s when their brand new Active (Powered) Loudspeakers were launched in the form of the stunning BeoLab Penta. This was only the start of a new generation of beautiful loudspeakers culminating in the world class BeoLab 5 Active Loudspeakers of today. Listening to Bang & Olufsen Loudspeakers is like taking cotton wool from your ears and having your favourite band playing in your living room. Listen to your music in a way you’ve never done before.. the Bang & Olufsen way.

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Music Systems

Bang & Olufsen Music Systems

From today’s wow factor of the unique BeoSound 9000 and BeoSound 5 right back to the futuristic BeoCenter 9500 of the 1980’s, Bang & Olufsen have been designing and producing breathtaking Music Systems as a matter of course. With engineering excellence as standard, all Bang & Olufsen Music Systems are made to give years of faultless service and quality of sound which is unsurpassed. Why settle for boring boxes when you can have Bang & Olufsen.

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Bang & Olufsen Telephones

From the very first Bang & Olufsen Telephone in 1986 (the beautiful and futuristic BeoCom 750) Bang & Olufsen have been placing a strong emphasis on cutting edge design and the very latest technology in their Telephones ever since. From the instantly recognizable and beautiful BeoCom 2 ‘Banana Phone’ through to the rugged and easy to use BeoCom 6000, sound quality and ease of use is second to none. Buying a Bang & Olufsen home telephone system indicates your desire for the very best in Telecommunication.

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Bang & Olufsen Accessories

To utilize and enjoy the best Audio and Video products in the world, you need the worlds best accessories. From Telephone Earsets to Carry Cases, Wall Brackets to Floor Stands and the worlds best Remote Controllers – Bang & Olufsen’s eye for design, quality and functionality doesn’t stop at it’s main products. With any Bang & Olufsen Accessory you’re assured the same level of thought and craftsmanship is given to make the B&O ownership experience even better.

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