LifeStyle AV Checklist

LifeStyle AV have a unqiue 10 point checklist which guarantees our customers the very best in pre-owned Bang & Olufsen products.

Bang and Olufsen signage

Carefully sourced equipment

We carefully source the equipment from both Bang & Olufsen main dealers and selected private individuals throughout the U.K and Europe. If original purchase invoices are not to hand, serial numbers are taken and checked with Bang & Olufsen.

Bang and Olufsen signage


We collect using our own staff who are fully trained in careful de-installation of B&O products, making sure they are removed with as much care as they were shown when they were first placed in the original owners home.

LifeStyle vehicle on the road

Pickup & transportation

We transport the items carefully back to LifeStyle AV in one of our fleet of Mercedes Benz customised vehicles wrapped in professional removal covers for complete safety. Once back at LifeStyle AV, they are carefully unloaded and placed in our holding area pending our full inspection process.

LifeStyle employee testing a remote control

Testing & inspection

The items are then taken to our test area for thorough appraisal which takes between 8 and 24 hours of continuous testing and inspection. Should any minor faults be found, the item is transported to an official B&O Service Center for repair by a fully qualified B&O Engineer. Any repairs carried out will carry a full 12 Month B&O Warranty.

LifeStyle employee inspecting a speaker

Condition check

Once tested and found to be in perfect mechanical order we then thoroughly inspect the cosmetic condition of the item. Should any minor remedial work be required (for instance a new speaker cover, small trim piece etc) our own service department will replace them onsite. For more involved trim pieces that need replacing we once again take them to an official B&O Service Center for repair. Again, this is rare as people do tend to take care of their B&O.

LifeStyle employee cleaning a televisions

Professional clean

We then transfer the item to our cleaning section where the item is thoroughly cleaned using professional grade cleaning materials. We take great pride in restoring the products back to their original condition and use only the very best products to do this. For instance, we use high end Zymol automotive products on painted surfaces, NAS 'Ultra' Glass Cleaning spray on our screens, FK 'Prestige' spray on fabric and plastic and of course 3M Microfiber Cloths.

LifeStyle employee taking a photo


The item is taken to our photo studio. We use a high-end Nikon D2X Camera mounted on a Manfrotto Tripod to give crystal clear steady images and detailed close-ups. To give the feel of the item in a residential setting we have created a mini-studio - all lit by our top-line Swiss Elinchrom lighting system.

LifeStyle warehouse with packaged products

Protective packaging

The items are then carefully packaged for complete protection then transferred to our 5,000 sq/ft heated warehouse area. Not one single item is stacked - they all have their own shelf space and are kept out of contact with any other products for complete safety.

LifeStyle delivery vehicles


Once the items are sold on our website they are either picked for transport on our fleet (and wrapped in protective material for transport) or they are placed carefully in official Bang & Olufsen transport packaging (where available) for transportation by UPS Couriers. We have a huge amount of experience in sending fragile and delicate Bang & Olufsen items worldwide so please be assured your new purchase will certainly be in safe hands.

LifeStyle installation tool kit


Basic install is offered if required and/or possible, otherwise full details and manuals are given to the new owner - along with full telephone support for setup when and if needed. A great number of our customers really enjoy setting up their systems themselves, but for those that don't - we're on hand and happy to help any time!