LifeStyle AV Guarantee

LifeStyle AV Guarantee

We source the very best Bang & Olufsen products from all over the United Kingdom - and only accept a fraction of products offered to us. We pride ourselves in offering our customers products that have been cared for by their previous owners and still have years of faultless use ahead.

Each of our LifeStyle AV products is visually inspected, thoroughly bench tested - then photographed from all angles, highlighting any tiny defects to give you a completely accurate view of what you're buying.

We pride ourselves in the fact we treat every pre-owned product as brand new and work backwards. You'll never hear us say 'well, yes - it's used so it'll have marks on it' - this to us is unacceptable. At the end of the day, our website is your eyes - we want you to see every last detail and make an informed decision, and one you'll be happy with.

We want you to enjoy your Bang & Olufsen products for many more years to come too - so after initial purchase we think it's really important to give our customers 'peace of mind' when buying a pre-owned product. This is where the LifeStyle AV Guarantee comes in again.

Should the rare occasion present itself where a product develops a fault, we will work with you to get it repaired by an official Bang & Olufsen engineer as swiftly as possible.

All LifeStyle AV products carry a no-quibble warranty for a period of 3 Months to 2 Years (depending on the age of the item) - and this covers every working part against manufacturing and component defects. We also pick up the tab for Labour too, so the repair costs you nothing.

For UK residents this usually means we will pick up the product, leave you with a loan unit, then take the item to our Bang & Olufsen Approved Engineer for repair. Once the repairs are completed, we bring the unit back and re-install - safe in the knowledge that the repair is covered for a period of 6 Months (parts are covered for 12 Months) by Bang & Olufsen.

For customers in Europe or the Rest if the World we liase with local Bang & Olufsen engineers to get the product repaired as quickly as possible. We take our customers convenience very seriously and if a local engineer cannot complete a repair quickly enough we have been known to fly it back to the UK, have it repaired same day, then flown back!

In summary, we offer a level of service you would expect when dealing with a premium product. We set ourselves extremely high standards, from our products to our service - and enjoy a reputation as market leaders in our field.

If you have any questions, please - call or email us. We love to talk to our customers and will do anything we can to help you choose the perfect product for you - and to enjoy that product for many years to come. We love Bang & Olufsen as much as you do !