BeoGram Record Decks

Increasingly sought after as pieces of modern art as much as an audio seperate, the BeoGram Record Decks have found a new lease of life in the past few years. Mint examples are now in short supply, but all are superbly built and can be used with a wealth of Bang & Olufsen systems, both old and new.

Frequently asked questions

Which BeoGram will work with my system?

A common question which we are asked regularly! The important thing to remember here is that the output from a magnetic record player cartridge is at a lower level than that of other sources and is also skewed in such a way that it would sound very tinny if played directly. Therefore a small pre-amplifier is required which will amplify and equalise the signal. This is known as an RIAA. The RIAA is only required in one location - either the deck or the main music centre. Modern B&O systems do not have one in the main system so one will be required in the Beogram or fitted externally (see our RIAA pre-amplifier kit in our accessories section). The Beogram 3500, 4500, 6500 and 7000 all have RIAA's fitted as standard and therefore tend to be more expensive pre-owned as they are seen as a 'cleaner' plug-and-play solution.

Which 'MMC Cartridge' for which deck?

There is no real rule for this on the pre-owned market as cartridges tend to get used and replaced over time. However, the more expensive the deck was new, the better the MMC cartridge was fitted from the factory. MMC5 was the 'entry level' giving adequate performance on the lower end decks. MMC4 was the 'standard' cartridge used in most decks, but the higher end decks such as BeoGram 6500 and BeoGram 7000 came with MMC2. For real audio buffs, an upgrade to MMC1 was available at extra cost. As a general rule of thumb, the lower the number - the better the stylus, but do bear in mind that unless you are listening on some very good speakers, the MMC4 will be just fine!

Are service parts still available for BeoGram record decks?

Yes, you can obtain drive belts for later Beograms from your offical Bang & Olufsen Dealer as a special order Spare Part. There are companies that manufacture belts and other parts for older decks, and if you call us we will happily put you in touch! Although MMC cartridges are now discontinued, a company called SoundSmith in the USA make them under licence from Bang & Olufsen and are actually very good! Once again, we will happily put you in touch or order one on your behalf.