BeoCenter 8500/9000/9300/9500 Music Centres

A true classic from the 'Jacob Jensen' era at Bang & Olufsen, these flat-mounted systems featured an AM/FM Tuner, HX-Pro Cassette Recorder and high quality CD Drive. Incredible build quality and sporting both Active and Passive speaker outputs, the units are as popular today as ever.

Frequently asked questions

I see some Bang & Olufsen systems are called BeoSound and some BeoCenter. What is the difference?

The naming of Bang & Olufsen systems is quite frankly confusing, even to us sometimes! 'BeoSound' is a relatively new name and refers to a self-contained music system which will normally require BeoLab active loudspeakers. Examples are the BeoSound 9000, BeoSound 3000, BeoSound 3200, BeoSound Ouverture and BeoSound 4. There are however examples when BeoSounds are completely integrated units which contain speakers as well - these being the BeoSound Century, BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 3. BeoCenter was the name used for Bang & Olufsen music centres which have since been discontinued. The best known of these which is still seen frequently is the BeoCenter 9500 and its derivatives, These music centres have a built in CD, cassette player and radio as well as a power amplifier. Unfortunately Bang & Olufsen then went and spoilt everything by using the term BeoCenter for other models! The BeoCenter 2500 and 2300 are early versions of the BeoSound 3000 and Ouverture and have no power amplifier. The name has now been resurrected and is used to describe a system supplying both audio and video signals - the example being the Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 2. This is a DVD player, but will also play CD's and has a radio included. To finally confuse things further, Bang & Olufsen have just introduced an audio only Beocenter 2! If in doubt, please ring us for advice - we are happy to help, and if any staff from the B&O 'product naming department' want to call and explain exactly what's going on, we would love to hear from you!!