Would you like to sell or part exchange
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We buy all modern Bang & Olufsen products as well as selected older and vintage items. Please take a few moments to fill out our online selling form and tell us which items you'd like to part exchange or simply turn into cash! We make the whole process as simple as possible from initial email to payment and collection.

Please fill out our online selling form and we'll give you a great price for your old Bang & Olufsen products. Whether you would like to part exchange your existing product(s) or wish to sell outright - we want your Bang & Olufsen, so please take a minute to complete the form, and we will be back in touch with a quote as quickly as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Which products do you buy?

We buy all Bang & Olufsen products from the 1990’s onwards - whether it be LCD Televisions, Plasma Televisions, Speakers (Floor Standing, Table Standing or Wall Mounted, Active or Passive) including Subwoofers, CD Players, DVD players, Radio’s, Stacking System Seperates, Record Decks, Portable Music Systems, Telephones and all Accessories. We don’t, however, buy older style CRT (Tube Screen) televisions which sadly have little or no value on the pre-owned market nowadays.

Do you buy non-working/broken products, or products in poor condition?

We only buy newer or high value products which are non-functional and/or cosmetically damaged. Almost all older items are simply beyond economical repair now and are best sold on auction sites such as eBay where a collectors and engineers can use them as a source of spare parts. If you feel your vintage item may be of some value though, please contact us.

What if my items aren't in the UK?

If your ‘for sale’ items are made for use with US or Japanese 110v power supplies they can often be so costly to convert to our European 220v it’s really not worth it for buyer or seller. We also need to consider that shipping heavier items can be costly too. For 220v European items in Mainland Europe we are always happy to get the best possible quote to ship to us – and we will do our best to reach a compromise on the price we offer taking into account shipping costs.

What happens if I accept your offer?

When we're buying products we pride ourselves in making the whole process as swift and simple as possible. If you'd like to accept our offer, simply reply on the form we send you or give us a call to let us know you wish to proceed. We then transfer the item information to a Purchase Invoice along with your details and pass it to our product collection team and/or shipping department who will be in touch straight away to make collection arrangements with you. When a member of the team calls, we'll assess if the items are best collected by ourselves using one of our custom fitted Mercedes-Benz vehicles and trained staff, or whether the items can be couriered or posted to us. We make no charge at all for this, so the price we offer is the price we pay if you are based in the United Kingdom. For any other locations, please see the FAQ above.

What if the items are on the wall or I simply don't know how to 'de-install' them?

Our collection staff are fully trained in de-installation, so please don't worry about a thing. All items will be carefully dismounted and taken away with the minimum of fuss – and please don't worry if you don't have the original packing either, we have plenty of padding and wrapping as well as official transport covers.

How do you pay when you collect my Bang & Olufsen items?

If we're collecting in person we pay either Cash, Bankers Draft or Business Cheque on the spot (yes, it's that straightforward!) and if products are being couriered or posted to us - we unpack, inspect and test the products same day then pay immediately by instant bank transfer. Again, no hassle!

Is there anything else I need to know?

No, not at all – we really do try and make the whole process as easy and simple as possible. The only thing we ask when submitting a selling form is to use common sense – it could save you valuable time!! If you have a broken cassette deck in poor condition that's been sitting in a damp garage for 20 years – we won't buy it! If you have a 1982 Television with a blown tube, we don't need that one either (sorry). If you need an idea of the kind of things we buy, have a quick look at the things we sell and this should give you a pretty accurate guide. That said though, if you have any queries – please contact us!